Knee Surg Relat Res 2008 Dec; 20(2): 161-168  
Original Articles : Cross Cultural Adaptation and Translating the IKDC Subjective Form into the Korean Language
김진구 ( Jin Goo Kim ), 오수진 ( Soo Jin Oh ), 이명철 ( Myung Chul Lee ), 서승석 ( Seung Suk Seo ), 최충혁 ( Choong Hyuk Choi ), 유재호 ( Jae Ho Yoo )
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Purpose: To develop and translate into Korean the International Knee Documentation Committee Subjective Knee Evaluation Form. Materials and Methods: There were 6 steps for the cross-cultural adaptation to standardize the language and cultural differences as follows translation for stage I, synthesis for stage II, back translation for stage III, a review by an expert committee for stage IV, pre-testing for stage V, and submission of the documentation to the AAOS Committee for appraisal was for the final stage VI. A total of 120 patients from 4 hospitals underwent the pre-testing which is the stage V on this process. Results: 30 patients who fully underwent the preoperative and postoperative testing at 3 month were evaluated. The average age of participants was 43.1. There were 12 cases of meniscus tears, 8 cases of primary degenerative arthritis, 4 cases of patellofemoral pressure syndromes and 8 cases of other knee disorders. In the results, we found that there was statistically the strong correlation as follow the test and re-test reliability (p=0.6373), the internal consistency for each evaluation item (p=0.9135), the validity was 0.8882 and the responsiveness (p=0.6605). Conclusion: The Korean version of the IKDC subjective knee evaluation form was excellent as our results showed on its reliability, validity and responsiveness through the rigid steps of cross-cultural adaptation. It was submitted to the AAOS Committee for Appraisal. We strongly suggest that it should be considered as part of an effective evaluation for a variety of knee diseases.
Keywords: IKDC subjective score, Cross cultural adaptation, Translation into Korean Language, Knee evaluation form, IKDC 주관적 평가 체계, 교차 문화적 적응, 한글화 작업, 슬관절 평가 체계


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